CAHC was incorporated on August 1, 1989. Its first clinic was held in the “Shoniker Building”, at the Centenary Hospital, on March 12, 1990. The first shift was staffed by Dr. Allan Studniberg who treated 2 patients. Dr. Lubomir Alexov worked on March 13, 1990 and he did not see any patient on its second date. Dr. Morton worked on March 14, 1990 and saw 3 patients. The clinic relocated to “The Court”, the Centenary Hospital, in August 1991.


Today, the clinic is open 365 days per year. Most regular services are provided by active physicians, with associates providing extremely valuable back-up support. The clinic has excellent access and linkages with nearby diagnostic services, specialty clinics, specialists on-call, and the Emergency Department, at the Centenary Hospital, RVHS. The clinic physician generally treats 40 – 50 patients during each weekday shift and 60 – 80 patients each weekend shift.

The wait times to see a physician at CAHC is generally less than 30 – 60 minutes. CAHC addresses not only the throughput of high volume patient demands, the needed FHG after hours services, but also functions as an efficient provider by appropriately matching the community needs and available resources (i.e. by caring for high volume of less urgent and non-urgent patients (CATS 4 & 5) in the communities).

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