Welcome to the Centenary After Hours Clinic (CAHC) website, one of many after hours clinics affiliated with the East Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Family Health Group (FHG).




Centenary After Hours Clinic Inc. (CAHC Inc.) is a duly incorporated private company under the laws of Ontario. Originally the clinic was set up in early 1990 to provide quality after hours medical care to community patients. In time, it has evolved to become a major after hours clinic providing after hours care to patients registered to more than 300 member physicians who belong to the East GTA FHG. By our FHG association requirements, all members of the East GTA FHG must be associates of CAHC. Currently, CAHC has 30 active physician shareholders and more than 300 associates. All associates are eligible to become shareholders and are privileged to participate in providing medical services at CAHC.


CAHC provides efficient and quality after hours medical care to all rostered or enrolled patients registered to the more than 300 member physicians of the East GTA FHG. CAHC also attends the immediate medical needs of all unattached patients in the communities. Additionally, CAHC serves as an alternative site for those attached or unattached patients seeking treatment for less urgent (CTAS 4) and non-urgent (CTAS 5) problems who may have gone to the nearby Emergency Department.

CAHC does not triage patients and services are provided on a “first come, first serve” basis. Special cases may be booked in advance by member or treating physicians only. Due to high demand for the walk-in services, the clinic physicians are only able to address one immediate problem per patient per visit.

In keeping with the founding principles, CAHC is strictly an after hours clinic, and clinic physicians do not provide “on-going” comprehensive medical care. The physicians at CAHC neither perform routine procedures such as Pap smears, breast examinations, vaccinations, etc., nor psychotherapy, counseling, annual health exams, etc. These types of services are better performed in a family practice setting by comprehensive care physician providers.

The clinic physicians refer all patients back to their comprehensive family physicians for follow-up care and a copy of clinical records are provided whenever possible. Patients are actively discouraged from using the after-hours clinic as a replacement for regular comprehensive medical care. Those patients who do not have a doctor are shown a map of surrounding communities, complete with names of East GTA FHG member family physicians who are actively accepting new patients.

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